MI Home Security Camera (1080p) 360°

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Nowadays robberies and theft have increased a lot. The security of the home has become a necessity.  So to make our home safe and secure we must buy a home security camera. One of the best home security cameras available at an affordable price is the MI Home security camera 360°. MI is a reliable and reputed brand in the market. It is well known for its wide variety of good quality products. In this article, I am going to discuss the home security camera (1080p) of MI.

It has plenty of features with which you can make your home safe and secured



Some of the important features of this product are:
  1. Horizontal view (360°) and vertical view (96°) can be captured with the help of the rotating ability of the camera due to the presence of dual motorheads in it. The rotation of the camera will be silent and smooth as the design of the camera is shockproof and the motor is quiet.

The picture quality of the Mi Home security camera (1080p) is amazing with 2.0 megapixels. The backgrounds in distance will appear crisp and clear in details


3. Watch a brighter vision even at night with the low light true color technology of this home security camera. Intake of more light is allowed by the f2.1 aperture and the visibility is increased by the infrared illuminator. Now it is easier to view objects even in the dark with this home security camera

4. The streaming is now smoother and the bandwidth is reduced with the video encoding technology of this home security camera. The storage for recording is increased up to 100%.

5. This camera has a motion detection alarm that will give you alert or send you notifications on your phone at the proper time.

This security camera has a talkback feature with which you can talk to your family from any place.

7. The videos can store conveniently micro SD and firstly, Network Attached storage devices. Up to 64 GB is supported by the local micro SD.

8. The videos which can record and view secondly, on smartphone or tablets at an excellent speed of 2x or4x or 16x. Your home can check anywhere using the recorded videos.


9. The camera can install in an upright. Although,  this device has a preinstalled camera with the rotation base. You can place it on a table, wall, window or ceiling. It is possible to install the camera can create an invert mirror image finally, in the camera settings

home security 360

How to set up the camera???

At first, you have to download the MI home app, then the camera should power on. Lastly, the app should open and connected to the camera.

Conclusion: This Camera (1080P) has some excellent features. Its price is only 2,699. It is an excellent home security camera at last with a stylish look and amazing features.


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