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Fitness trackers have become a trend nowadays. It is an essential item for every fitness freak people. A good fitness tracker works like the partner of its owner and helps him to achieve his goals easily. One of the best fitness trackers in the market is MI Smart Band 4. It has excellent features and has an amazing performance. In this article I am going to discuss everything that you should know about this device

Some of the best features of this product
  • This fitness band has an AMOLED touch display with a 39.9% wider screen. There are 5 brightness levels which are adjustable. You can adjust it up to 400 nits. The screen can be viewed clearly on bright daylight
  • With this band, you do not need to stop your workout for changing songs or adjusting volumes. Songs can be changed and volume can be adjusted easily without any effort.

  • The GPS can be tracked and you will get information regarding your heart rate, burned calories and intensity while walking. Thus your efficiency of walking can be improved
  • While climbing a hill or dashing around the city with a cycle, your workout can be optimized
  • While running outdoor and thread mill your heart rate, pace, intensity, the distance will be recorded by this device so that your regimen can be improved

Get information about 12 different sets of data regarding distance, swimming pace, stroke count, and many more using this band while swimming
  • Unlimited watch faces are available. The display of this band can be changed according to your mood. An image of your choice can be selected from your gallery and can be set as watch face
  • Your sleep cycles and quality of sleep can be timed by the device. Your sleeping behavior can be changed if needed with the complete sleep analysis by MI smart Band 4
  • You can also use this band as a wrist alarm. It will wake you up with a slight vibration so that you can start your day in a hassle-free manner
  • Your health can be checked and you will get regular alerts about your heart rate
  • Your calls, messages, and notifications from the apps are displayed on the screen of this band. The calls can be rejected or made silent easily without even having your phone
  • It has an MI Fit app which has a wide range of features. Using it all data can be noted, your routine can be improved and Your workout can be customized according to your requirements

  • MI smart band 4 is swim-proof i.e. resistance to water up to 50 m
  • This device has an amazing battery life of 20 days

However, from all of the above features, this product has many more features. It is a band with more than 30 amazing features.

Conclusion: So MI smart band 4 is an excellent product with a lot of outstanding features. Its price is only 2,299. If you are looking for a fitness band at an affordable price, so just go for it.




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