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A versatile media player is a VLC media player. It is robust in nature. These software tools can play almost every type of sound. This media player can stream from all of the online sources like YouTube, Netflix, Disney, etc.

One of the favorite best audio video playing software is VLC player. A personal computer can play all the versions of video playing which are available on that system. In a mobile environment also VLC plays just an awesome role for all kinds of operating systems.


The VLC media player can work with all the operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS phone, Solaris, etc. Users can do customization in that application by personal operation.

VideoLAN is a nonprofit organization that had been launched a project of VLC media player. This media player is comfortable for any versions of operating system like Windows, MAC, iOS system, Linux, Solaris, UNIX, and Android, etc.

Use can set a readymade user interface or skin editor to this software. This software tool has different types of extension for a further better experience. It has the ability to store all the videos from your different photo application, the windows media player also can be turned into a VLC media player. Users can store all the files in one place.

VLC media player

Security feature:

This media player has a very exciting security feature. It never asks for user mail address or doesn’t browse any history for your searching files, doesn’t track your location, etc. sometimes this media player becomes crashed when the user wants to play AVI file. On the other hand, it can support longer video files and makes them faster while playing.

VLC media player

Long video files that also contain heavy data require buffering. Sometimes internet problems also caused a problem with playing a video. For that reason, you have to close the application and need to restart again. Flash or movie maker format supports different types of video file extensions like SWF, FLV, WMV, or MPG format. This media player can read all of them. This media player has the hardware decoding facility which gives the best and powerful video quality to the people.


The VLC media player has free video playing tools in this. There are some other tools for in the market which plays video with good quality. The different video file format has different types of extension with levels of quality also different. This is the best media player in the market we have ever seen. VLC media player can play all the video file formats of different types.



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