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This Versa-Smart-watch makes your life so easy, it always keeps you fit, installs any application, play +300 songs, quick replies, notification alert, and this watch gives you up to 4-day battery life. Complete your every fitness goal with this Fitbit Versa-Smart watch. This Smart-Watch looks great, it has a stylish design. It will help you to achieve your fitness goals. This Smart-Watch will track your daily workout statistics, reminder function always motivate you to stay feet and healthy. This is a water resistance watch that will work up to 50 m deep water. And it also has so many tracking sensors like NFC, SpO2, ALTIMETER, AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR, HEART RATE SENSOR, GYRO, 3 AXIS ACCELEROMETER. LCD color display.


Features and All Details:


 Comes with: Smart-Watch, User Manual, Charging dock.

Available Colors: Black and Silver color

Strap Material: Rubber.

Dial Material: Aluminum.

Water-Resistance depth: 50 m depth

In-built Sensor: Ambient light sensor, 3-axis Gyroscope Sensor, Optical heart rate monitor sensor, Altimeter Sensor.

Supported device: Android and IOS both devices.

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.

Battery back-up: It’s giving up to 4 day

Charger: charging dock.  

Other Functions & Features:

1# this watch have 15 plus exercise modes that can track your activity during different type of exercise,

2# Store and save up to 300 plus songs and can control music player listen to your favorite song daily,

3# No need to remove this Smart-watch during tracking this watch battery gives you long-life battery, it gives up to 4 days back up.

4# Heart-rate monitor: this watch has axis-3 heart-rate sensor that can give you accurate information, it also detects how much calories burn.

5# This Smart-watch has in-built GPS, so you can check your running distance, find new places, etc.

6# Track you all day activities: It tracks your daily activities like how much distance you walk, step, calories burned, see the summaries on your mobile by using Fitbit application.

7# Track your sleeping time: This watch automatically track your sleep that how long you sleep, give you tips to improve your sleep.

8# Give friendly challenge with your friends and family by using Fitbit challenges, set a goal and challenge.

9# Waterproof: This watch is waterproof and its work up-to 50 m depth, ideal for swimmers.

10# This watch keeps you connected with the world by giving you instantly sports news, weather reports and can access many more popular apps.

11# you can receive calls, text and set important days on the calendar so you never miss any event.

12# No need to carry your wallet, this Smart-watch has NFC chip which can save your credit card details.

13# Set watch face with your favorite picture


Connectivity: Bluetooth.  

Display Size & Resolution: 1.3 inch, 300×300 pix

Display Type: LCD display.

Language: English.


Conclusion: In my opinion, if you are looking for a Smart-watch at a low price then you can choose this Smart-watch. This watch has all sensors with accurate information about heart rate, how much calories you burned, count your steps, etc. Keep this watch on your wrist and it will give you all the information which makes your life easy. I checked all review about this watch and I saw a lot of positive reviews this watch have a 4.2-star rating.

What is your opinion about this Smart-watch? Have you any questions?

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