Bhutan travel guide for Indian tourists:

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Bhutan is a country in South Asia situated at the eastern part of Himalayas. It is bordered by Tibet, Sikkim, West Bengal, and also by Assam. Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. Bhutan has its own identity as a Buddhist country. Though it is a neighboring country of India it doesn’t have any issue with our country. Bhutan is also called as a land of peace. Indian people go for a 7-10 days tour in Bhutan every year, for visiting this country some guidance or protocols have to follow, today we will discuss those protocols or travel guides for an Indian. These are as follows:

Indian citizens have to carry proper valid ID proof like passport, Identity card which is approved by the election commission of India, etc. But for visit, Bhutan tourist visa is not mandatory for Indian Citizen. Bhutan’s local travel agency will provide entry permission to Bhutan.

The process of entry permission in Bhutan for Indians:

Every citizen go through proper entry permission at the airport or at the immigration office when you are travelling by road. When Indian citizens want to tour in Bhutan they have to go through the same process. With those entry permits, tourists can stay there up to 15 days and for more extension they have to go to the immigration process for their approval.

Documents you should carry as an Indian citizen are as follow:

Indian Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

Voter ID card.

The application form of entry permission.

2 copy Standard passport size photo of a candidate.

In which hotel you have booked for staying you need to bring that voucher.

Indian tourists must need a local tour guide to visit all of the unknown places. You need the details of a tour guide also.

Entry permission process will take a few hours and the office remains at weekends. So, if you are thinking about your plan go to the process accordingly without any unnecessary delay.

To visit in Bhutan you need route permission also:

You need a passport and valid ID proof need to carry.

Must require the application form of route permission.

One copy of entry permission form.

Those people will not apply for

Flights duration from India to Bhutan:

From To Flight Duration
Kolkata Paro 40 minutes
Bagdogra Paro 30 minutes
Guwahati Paro 30 minutes
New Delhi Paro Almost 3 hours


You can go to Bhutan by road also from Kolkata. The royal government of Bhutan has operated this bus services and it will take almost 18 hours.

Route Schedule:

From To Time
Kolkata Phuntsholing 07:00 pm
Phuntsholing Kolkata 03:00 pm


Conclusion: In this article, we have discussed so many instructions or travel guides which are needed to travel in India. All the documents are necessary for travelling in Bhutan. Apart from these some other railway services are also available for your Bhutan trip according to your budget. I hope this article will help you to guide when you are planning for a trip to Bhutan. Thank You.




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