American fantastic drama series: Game of Thrones (Season 8):

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Game of Thrones is a fantastic drama series on television. HBO has produced this drama series.  The season 8 series started on 14th April 2019 and finished on 19th May 2019. But its all previous seasons have 10 episodes whereas season 7 and season 8 consists of only seven and six episodes. Basically GOT (Game of Thrones) depicts a story of civil war.

The journey of GoT:

The story begins when the long summer decade is ending and the winter is just entering in America. There was a king in this story who has the power of seven kingdoms. This way, GoT (Game of Thrones) has continued so many series and the latest series is season 8.  In the last series, there was two war, the first one is against the Army and the second one for controlling the Iron (Throne). In its first season have so many main characters like Jon Snow, etc who want to face dead at a point of Winterfell. During this long time of the battle, Bran invites the king in an open space, where Arya decomposes him.

Season 8 in brief:

As earlier we have said that this story was based on the civil war against Army, so the Night King was also an army man when the Lannister was also in the ground of king’s landing and make then strengthful so that they can use her energy to make a trap for Daenerys who was so weak.  In the second half of this season both the fighters lost them when she assaults the king. She also defeats the Lannister’s forces.

Finally, they killed Lannister and also had burned the city. Finally, the Westeros leader has selected Bran Stark as their new king and the queen of North had been selected as Sansa Stark. Arya settled down at the west and Jon leads at the wall of the Wildings North. This season was first promoted in 2017 and it continues up to July in the year of 2018.

At the beginning of the series, it was not that popular, it has received mixed reviews. But when all the important things are handled so carefully like cinematography, music, production all the things have made it rock. This drama series got nominations for 32 times. It has also received the award of the outstanding drama, and the best supporting actor award goes to Peter Dinklage.


This is the so-called Game of Thrones because of its first song of ice and fire. This season has the highest runtime record of 7.5 hours. The first episode was released in the year 2011, and the last was in the year 2019. It has a huge fan following this series.


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