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Anime is a word, which is originated from the word ‘Animation’. Japanese has discovered ‘Anime’ by adding colorful images, themes, outstanding graphics contrast, etc to a cartoon program. In this article, we will discuss some anime that can entertain us. Some of those best anime are as follows:

Hunter X Hunter:

This anime is best and favorite to all. It has the best fighting scenes, exciting character, punches scene, etc. In this game when they are inside they can have the power of cards, extra powers, and many more.

Detective Conan:

Detective Conan is another favorite anime for kids. In this series, there is a young who is a detective but now he again becomes a child and he lives with her girlfriend and her father. He solves all the case and credit always goes to her father who is not able to solve cases. All episodes of this serial are so much funny and exciting.

One-Punch Man:

One punch man is an anime of extraordinary concept. The main character is so exciting and it shows out of the zone, the plot of this anime is to keep the main character behind the shadow.

Code Geass:

Code Geass is another favorite anime for all youths and kids. This anime provides several mind games and twisted plots. After seeing this you will be a fan of this show.

Boku no Hero Academia:

The hero anime really got popularity in 2018. It is a boy’s journey who doesn’t have any power, but he has a mentor. It is a quite inspiring story.


If you love the zombie nature then you will also love this cartoon serial Kabaneri. The main story of this animated is they are trying to develop their weapons so that they can kill the zombies. In this anime, you will see fight scenes and the plot of the story is very good.

No Game No Life:

Another animated story is based on a mind game, this is called No game no life. The story of this plot is very qute and it is worth watching.

Log Horizon:

Another mastermind animation story plot is Log Horizon. It is a virtual game that is full of mystery. This story is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, powerful, etc.


Toradora is a story based on love and friendship. It shows the conflicts between two people and at they give importance and value to each other. They can accept each other also.


The best horror plot is ‘Another’. But in the finale, it will be tough and you will be addicted to the series. All of the characters in this series are so unique and mysterious.

Conclusion: Anime is so funny, attractive, and mysterious to watch. If you love to see cartoon series or serial you just go through them. You will be mesmerized. I hope this article will help you to choose what kind of anime will give you love and relax for some moment.





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