10 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone

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Have you got a new iphone and thinking of which apps you need to download? If yes, you just came across the right article. Facebook, Twitter, instagram, You tube, amazon, Netflix are common for everyone. Beside these there are also m,any useful apps that are necessary in our everyday life. Here are 10 must-have apps for your iPhone


Google maps

Google maps are one of the most u8seful apps you can have on your iphone. You can easily find any location using Google maps. It is most useful when you are out of your city or state for any purpose


BillGuard is another excellent app for iphone users. It will help in managing your spending habits. BillGuard also helps in reminding you the bills you need to pay and aware you of frequent charges


If you want to become a whiz of social media, then this app is best for you.  Here scheduling of Twitter, Google, facebook and LinkedIn posts on the basis of whenever the post will be most effective.


If you frequently buy things from online, then Dashlane is a perfect app for you. The payment and confirmation get stored in the app automatically. You can keep an eye on online spending and find the receipts there


In this app, you will find every real estate or property in your area available for buying or renting. It will provide you all the details you need to get in touch with the owner of the property.


You can scan the barcode of a food item on Fooducate and see its grade. The app will give you a clear picture of the food items from calories to ingredients. You will know the health value of the items you are buying


With this app, you can keep a check on the calories you gained and burned.  This app will help to keep you in shape by keeping an e4ye on all your, calorie, workout. If you are a fitness freak or want to lose extra weight, this app must be in your phone


It is one of the best musical apps. Here you will get a beautiful collection of songs and a huge network of friends.  The app is absolutely free but for more advanced features, you can go for the premium


Camer+ is the best app with which you can click photos and edit them, nicely. It has the best features which will give you the best possible photo. There are many camera options for iphone but among them camera+ is the best


Dropbox is one of the best cloud services app you can have for your iphone.  Now saving and viewing files is easy across multiple devices including phone, desktop, tablet, and laptop. You can also use Google drive


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